When Miiverse was originally considered by Nintendo, the company knew it wanted to expand the service beyond just the Wii U onto mobile devices and PC. We know Nintendo plans to roll out their update making this theory a reality this spring, and during a Miiverse panel at this week’s Game Developer’s Conference, Nintendo finally revealed some details on when we could expect it.

Nintendo’s Miiverse producer Kiyoshi Mizuki announced its app will be made available in just a few weeks to be released in either April or May on both smartphones and PC. As for the Nintendo 3DS, a version of Miiverse for Nintendo’s handheld platform is still in development, but as of now, there’s no word as to when it would be expected to be released.

Additional Miiverse updates are being planned that add even more functionality to the service as players will be able to link to specific parts of a game in a post they publish, allowing their followers to be able to access that portion of a game more easily. Nintendo is also planning on making it possible to follow and reply to other Miiverse users while playing a game, instead of the current process of having to exit the game and launching the Miiverse app.

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