wp7-outsellsJust how well do you think that Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is doing at the moment? Well, we know for sure that they are not going to overtake the two 800 lbs gorillas at the moment, namely iOS and Android, but it sure as heck has a fighting chance to remain in third position, with the only real competition around being the BlackBerry 10 operating system that was introduced earlier this year alongside some of the newer BlackBerry devices. According to Microsoft’s VP of Corporate Communications, Frank Shaw, he cited a report by the IDC that stated how Windows Phone has already outsold the iPhone in seven markets, while the BlackBerry has been slain in 26 markets.

Of course, there was no mention just which of these 7 and 26 markets, respectively, were the ones with Windows Phone in front, but surely it oozes with a glimmer of hope that Windows Phone is a platform that is certainly gaining its fair share of traction among those who are tired of the iOS and Android formats?

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