The Android adoption rate has been steadily climbing as we saw activations surpass 500 million last fall, which we’re sure after the holiday break as reached an even higher number than that. Google’s Eric Schmidt spoke at the AllThingsD Mobile Conference today and shared his thoughts on just how high the adoption rating will go for the Android platform/

Schmidt says he believes the adoption number for Android smartphones will reach over one billion units by the end of 2013 judging by the platform’s current rate of adoption. Schmidt also announced an average of 1.5 million Android devices are activated daily, which would certainly seem like a rate that could easily result in Android’s one billionth device to be activated by year’s end.

A total of 320 carriers in over 160 countries currently use Android, which Schmidt says the greatest beneficiary of its success is Samsung and expects the company and others to make their smartphone “significantly cheaper” in the next two years. Doing so would hopefully lead to more Android devices to spread throughout the world.

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