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Alphabet's Eric Schmidt Steps Down As Executive Chairman
Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has confirmed that Eric Schmidt is stepping down as the company’s executive chairman. He will relinquish his role as of the next regular board meeting that’s due next month. He’s going to be transitioning into his new role of “technical advisor.” He will serve the company as a technical advisor while continuing to serve on its board.

Russia May Retaliate If Google Downranks RT And Sputnik Media Outlets
Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google’s parent company Alphabet, recently suggested that Google may downrank results from media outlets funded by the government such as Russia-based RT and Sputnik. That statement appears to have irked the Russians. Roskomnadzor, the country’s communications agency, has reportedly reached out to Google for a clarification of Schmidt’s statement. It hopes that the response will be satisfactory so that it doesn’t have to use […]

Eric Schmidt Confirms Google Glass Is Destined To Return
Before Google introduced its software platform for smartwatches the company was working on another kind of wearable device. Google Glass captured everybody’s attention when it came out a couple of years ago but despite the lengthy “Explorer Program” and the invite-only sales process Glass never had a proper consumer release. In January Google shut down the Explorer program and moved the Glass project out of its Google X research lab […]

Eric Schmidt Makes Predictions About 2014
Google chairman Eric Schmidt likes to talk about the future. Just read the book he co-wrote with Jared Cohen, titled The New Digital Age. It details how modern technology will be used in the years to come and the theories certainly make for an interesting read. He now makes predictions about 2014 and believes that “everyone is going to have a smartphone.” Schmidt says that the trend has been that mobile […]


New Google Ad Policy Sees Users Replacing Their Profile Pictures With Eric Schmidt's
Google recently announced that it has made some changes to its Terms of Service, the changes go in effect on November 11th. One major change is that unless users opt out, Google is allowed to use their photo and Google Account name in ads. Users are free to opt out from the Shared Endorsements menu in their Google Account settings. Despite being given this option, a lot of people have […]

Moto X Possibly Spotted Being Used By Google's Eric Schmidt
Motorola's Moto X may have been spotted being used by Google's Eric Schmidt.

Eric Schmidt Says YouTube Has Left Conventional TV Far Behind
There have been many arguments for and against this statement, however fact and numbers are hard to refute. Recently, YouTube sailed past the board for a billion unique monthly visitors and Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt believes that internet video has left conventional television far behind. He says that YouTube’s numbers will only keep going higher as the service becomes available in a number of third world countries, by then the world’s most […]

Google Glass Users May Be Able To Take Photos By Simply Winking
Right now Google Glass is being shipped in waves to Glass Explorers, who by the way, are not allowed to sell their units. Explorers who are using Google Glass tend to reveal new information, such as the fact that users might be able to take photos using Google Glass by simply winking. As cheesy as it may sound, it doesn’t change the fact that the device offers users the ability […]

New Motorola Phones Could Be Unbreakable, Google CEO Drops Hint
We’ve been hearing a lot of rumors about Motorola’s upcoming phones. Some say it will be customizable, others believe that it will come in over 20 colors. Motorola is reportedly developing smartphones of ‘just right’ size and that it won’t indulge in spec wars just so it can provide a superb user experience. Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt recently said that Motorola’s new phones are phenomenal and today Google CEO […]

Android Activations Reach 1.5M A Day; Expected To Reach 1 Billion Activations By End Of 2013
The Android adoption rate has been steadily climbing as we saw activations surpass 500 million last fall, which we’re sure after the holiday break as reached an even higher number than that. Google’s Eric Schmidt spoke at the AllThingsD Mobile Conference today and shared his thoughts on just how high the adoption rating will go for the Android platform/Schmidt says he believes the adoption number for Android smartphones will reach […]

Google 'Would Still Really Like' Apple To Use Its Maps, Says Eric Schmidt
We’re sure the tech world won’t soon forget the drama Apple created when it decided to ditch Google Maps for their own Apple Maps application as it was obvious the company wasn’t completely ready to take their mapping application to the main stage. Months later, Google published its own Google Maps application onto iOS, which was a complete success, and shows people want Google Maps on the iPhone, especially Google’s […]

Eric Schmidt Touts New Motorola Products As Phenomenal
Motorola has been under Google’s belt ever since 2011 when it was acquired for $12.5 billion, yet both companies have not come up with a line of devices that can cause a stir in the market. Recent reports indicate that the company is developing an entire line of smartphones called Motorola X. There have also been reports of Motorola developing ‘just right’ sized smartphones with unadulterated version of Android, which […]

Google Now For iOS Being Held Up By Apple, According To Schmidt
We caught a glimpse of Google Now for the iPhone and iPad after a YouTube video was leaked last week, although it was pulled from the service once Google was made aware of the leak. Considering the leak, we know an app will soon be made available on iOS, but what exactly is holding it up from being released.According to Google’s Eric Schmidt, the ball is completely in Apple’s court as […]

Eric Schmidt Returns From North Korea, Urges Reclusive Country To Embrace The Web
We’ve been following Eric Schmidt’s visit to North Korea, and it looks like the Google Executive has returned from the four-day trip together with former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, Jared Cohen of Google Ideas, and Schmidt’s daughter, Sophie. In an interview with reporters at the Beijing International Airport, Schmidt said that North Korea is at risk of falling further behind if it continues to limit the access of the […]

Eric Schmidt Checks Out North Korea's Internet
Eric Schmidt, Google’s Executive Chairman, is on a mysterious trip to North Korea together with former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson. The reason for their visit remains unclear, but Richardson says that the trip is “private” and “humanitarian.” But a new report from the Associated Press paints a much clearer picture. According to the distinguished publication, Schmidt visited Kim Il Sung University and took a look at how its students […]

Eric Schmidt Arrives In North Korea
In spite of the U.S. government’s polite request to cancel his mysterious and unannounced trip to North Korea, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt is determined to visit the downtrodden country and has now arrived via commercial Air China flight with former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson. The reason for the visit wasn’t disclosed, yet sources say that it has something to do with a pending request to release Korean-American tourist […]

U.S. Government Unhappy With Eric Schmidt's Visit To North Korea
Eric Schmidt is going to North Korea. While the thought of Google’s very own Executive Chairman visiting a country reputed to have the most restrictive Internet policies in the world seems interesting, the U.S. State Department is not happy. In a statement on Thursday, the department said that the time was not right for Schmidt and former diplomat Bill Richardson to visit North Korea. State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland says […]

Eric Schmidt To Visit North Korea
According to the Associated Press, Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, will be visiting North Korea this month on a private and humanitarian mission led by former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson. Citing sources who asked not be named because the visit was kept private, AP reports that it is unlikely for Google to initiate a partnership with the country known to have the most restrictive Internet policies in the world. […]

Google shuffles top leadership, CEO to be executive chairman
While Steve Jobs takes a step into the background with the latest news that he is going to concentrate on nursing his health, another Silicon Valley giant, Google, will also be dabbling in some reshuffling of its own as well where top tier leadership is concerned. Google has just announced in conjunction with its 29% rise in fourth-quarter profit, that co-founder Larry Page will assume the role of chief executive […]

Web 2.0 Summit - Day 1 - Photo Gallery
There were not that many news at Web 2.0 Summit except for Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google, showing an “unannounced Android device from an unannounced manufacturer with Near-Field Communication” that will allow people to do all kinds of thing including paying with their phones. The technology has been used for a long time in Japan but always failed to take off in the US, we’ll see… Then he was proud to […]