archos-80-childpad-fccYou know what they say about the little ones, they love nothing better than to follow us in our example. Dad and mom both have tablets each? Well, little Johnny wants one, too. The thing is, tablets are not something that are cheap to purchase for most families, and you do not simply replace a cracked screen just like that without taking quite a substantial hit to your bank account. Good thing there are companies out there who have designed child-friendly tablets at an affordable price too, and the Archos Childpad is one of them.

The Archos Childpad comes across as a kid-friendly tablet, where an 8” model is well on its way to keep the 7” Archos Childpad company, showing up at the hallways of the FCC earlier this week. The FCC documents failed to share any more details concerning the upcoming 8” Archos Childpad, apart from its name as well as back drawing, but it does seem most likely for this tablet to arrive with a 1024 x 768 pixel display, although a lower resolution would not be out of place, either, and there is a possibility of HDMI output thrown into the mix, too.

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