blu-jbIf you are out in the market looking for a new Android-powered smartphone, you would most probably fall back on the tried and tested such as the likes of Samsung, Sony, LG, and HTC of course, but would you want to throw your lot behind a company known as BLU Products? Sure, they have not really managed to take the world by storm with their previous releases, but this does not mean they have just keeled over and clocked out from the smartphone game permanently. In fact, they are thinking of changing the way they operate, by offering the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for their Vivo 4.3 device, and will also ensure that every new device from their stable will come with stock Android for that sense of uniformity.

This is a break from the trend that seems to lean more towards a customized user experience, and whether BLU Products will be able to succeed with this market direction, only time will be able to tell, and of course, a whole lot of it hinges on whether the general populace will “bite” into this shift. The BLU Products Vivo 4.3 will also receive a minor hardware update in the form of new colors, namely pink, yellow and white, for $229 a pop.

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