Today Adobe gave a sneak peak of a new tool that they’ve built in to Photoshop which will allow users to fix their blurry photos, which would have otherwise been wasted. In the video posted earlier today, senior Photoshop product manager Zorana Gee said that this tool works great for shots that are taken under low-light conditions or slow shutter speeds. It is very easy to use, simply select an area in the photo and use the tool, which works as a filter, to eliminate blur or to make wobbly photos unwobbly.

This sneak peak video has been posted a almost a fortnight before the Adobe Max conference which is going to take place in May. At the conference Adobe will announce a host of new features, Camera Shake Reduction Tool will definitely be one of them. We’ll only be able to know exactly how powerful the tool is once its released, and if it would be able to fix blur in a photo caused by moving subjects. For stationary objects it seems to work very nicely, as seen in the video posted above.

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