Canon logoThe wonders of modern day hardware is this – its performance can be further enhanced with the right amendments made to the inherent software that runs it, and in this case, we are talking about firmware updates. Cameras, notebooks, smartphones, tablets, these are all not immune to the benefits of a well tuned firmware update, and Canon has just announced that they will be rolling out new firmware and application software upgrades for their Cinema EOS System lineup of cameras.

There will be the new ACES compatibility software for the Cinema EOS C500 and Cinema EOS C500 PL digital cameras, and it will arrive as a free download when June 2013 rolls around. Apart from that, other Cinema EOS firmware upgrades will include a new 1,440 x 1,080 pixel recording mode at 35Mbps for the Cinema EOS C300 and Cinema EOS C300 PL digital cameras, which are tipped to hit the Internet for a free download this coming October 2013. Folks who make use of those Cinema EOS devices should be able to see benefits such as color management efficiency and camera functionality. [Press Release]

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