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Nikon Works On New Firmware For Nikon D4S, Nikon D810, & Nikon D750 DSLRs
A piece of hardware can always be improved in this day and age with the release of better software, or firmware as some others prefer to call it. Nikon Corporation then is pleased as punch to announce that it is right now working on new firmware for its Nikon D4S, Nikon D810, and Nikon D750 digital SLR cameras, where this particular new firmware will deliver support for recording command function […]

PS4 Firmware 1.75 Arrives
It goes without saying that modern day hardware is able to last much longer than those in the past simply because of the introduction of firmware updates from time to time. This would make the hardware relevant to the present moment, in addition to ensuring that any older bugs and kinks can be worked out along the way. Having said that, we are pleased as punch to say that Sony […]

Sony PS4 Firmware 1.75 To Introduce 3D Blu-ray Support
Every piece of hardware needs a decent firmware to go along with it from time to time in order to make sure that it remains up to date for users as well as to keep up with the rest of the competition. The introduction of firmware has certainly helped hardware maintain a longer shelf life in the market, and we are all extremely excited at the next firmware update for […]

Nikon Camera Users Say Third Party Batteries Are Duds After Installing Latest Firmware
Man, it must not be a nice feeling at all to know that after installing the latest firmware version on your Nikon digital camera, you realize that the third party battery which has served you well all these months without exploding or running low on juice no longer works. Yes sir, this is exactly what certain owners of the Nikon D3100, D3200, D5100, D5200 and Coolpix P7700 cameras reported after […]


PS4 Firmware Update 1.51 Now Available
Sony announced its 1.51 firmware update for the PlayStation 4 was coming soon, which lead us to believe that we could be seeing the update coming to our next-generation consoles as early as the end of the week. We had no idea Sony’s definition of “soon” meant in a matter of hours as Sony has just flipped the switch and made the PlayStation 4’s 1.51 firmware update available to download.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 Gets Firmware Update
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 has just received a new firmware upgrade.

Sony Xperia Z Gets New Firmware Version
The Sony Xperia Z has received its latest firmware update.

Nokia Lumia 620 Firmware Gets Global Rollout
There has been some talk surrounding the 1308 firmware which arrived in Europe recently, targeting the Nokia Lumia 920 mostly, but do bear in mind that the Nokia Lumia 620 is also a part of that particular update, and it seems that a global rollout has already happened as the Internet has been abuzz with word from owners of the Lumia 620 that they have begun to receive this 1308 […]

Nokia Lumia 920 Firmware Update Runs Into Plenty Of Issues
Life is not all a bed of roses for some folks, and the same adage too, can be applied to the world of smartphones. Having picked up the latest firmware update at the end of last month, the Nokia Lumia 920 has since seen handsets on the AT&T network run into firmware update issues, and folks who lived across the pond, too, managed to enjoy the Lumia 920 firmware 1308 […]

Canon Announces Free Firmware And Application Software Upgrades For Some Cinema EOS System Cameras
The wonders of modern day hardware is this – its performance can be further enhanced with the right amendments made to the inherent software that runs it, and in this case, we are talking about firmware updates. Cameras, notebooks, smartphones, tablets, these are all not immune to the benefits of a well tuned firmware update, and Canon has just announced that they will be rolling out new firmware and application […]

Nokia Lumia 920 1308 Firmware Update Arrives In Europe
If you happen to live across the pond (in Europe, as I am not referring to the Far East with the Land of the Rising Sun) and own Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone 8 powered device, the Nokia Lumia 920, then you might be pleased to hear that the long awaited 1308 firmware update has finally arrived in that part of the world, where it will deliver improvement to your captured […]

Sony Xperia Z Gets New Firmware Update
Folks living in Japan and who are rocking out to the Sony Xperia Z, otherwise known by its model number SO-02E, listen up! There is a new firmware update that has been made available for this particular smartphone, where it carries the version number 10.1.D.0.333. Just what kind of goodies will this new firmware bring to the table? Well, a couple of main features are headed your way to the […]

AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 Firmware Update Runs Into Issues
Earlier this morning, we did mention on how the Nokia Lumia 920 over at AT&T has received a spanking new firmware update, which would bump up the version to 1308, but it seems that the entire firmware update has hit an undesirable snag. Normally, updates tend to introduce improvements to a particular device, but when it comes to this flagship Windows Phone 8 powered smartphone from the Finnish smartphone manufacturer, […]

God of War: Ascension 1.03 Update Released
Well, we did bring you news on God of War: Ascension sometime last week, and here we are with yet more news that has to do with this best selling title. In fact, there is a legion of champions out there, who have spent plenty of time recently to help out Kratos in his latest single-player journey. With the release of the latest 1.03 update that has been deployed today, […]

Pebble 1.9.1 Firmware Update Announced
The Pebble smartwatch can be said to be a labor of love, although waiting for the watch to come into existence is not exactly the best thing to do so far, as history has indicated, where the entire process proved to be excruciatingly slow. Well, after waiting for so long, only to pick up a Pebble watch, it would not be surprising to hear that a handful of Pebble owners […]

MacBook EFI Updates Bids Adieu To Battery Issues
Apple has released a bunch of firmware updates in order to fix a rare issue which plagued systems which rely on excessively used batteries, where it involved the affected device to be unable to boot up. This bunch of EFI firmware updates should bring an end to systems affected that will sometimes see the unexpected shut down or having the machine simply freeze. Apple has long determined battery health via […]

Galaxy S3 Software Update Fixes Exynos 4 Vulnerability
It was just yesterday when Samsung made available a new software update known as I9300XXELLA to their flagship Galaxy S3, and it has been confirmed by those who have already installed this particular update that it will be able to remedy whatever issues and vulnerabilities that the Exynos 4 was exposed to earlier. The security flaw that was located in the kernel that made the device R/W by all users, […]

Wii U Firmware Update Arrives Again
The Nintendo Wii U has just been on the receiving end of a new firmware update, and owners are being asked to perform that particular download in order to achieve the best possible user experience. All owners of the new Nintendo Wii U are being asked to download this particular update, and apart from that, there is also a spanking new Nintendo 3DS firmware update that is in the pipeline […]

Sony NEX-7 firmware update released
If you happen to be a proud owner of a Sony αNEX -7 digital camera, then you might be smiling from ear to ear upon hearing this bit of news – there is a new firmware update released for the device, in addition to firmware updates for E-mount lenses as well as select Sony Alpha cameras. The αNEX-7 Firmware v1.01 will let you disable the Movie Record button which is […]

Canon EOS-1D X DSLR gets new firmware update
Canon has just announced that they will be introducing a new firmware update for their flagship EOS-1D X Digital SLR camera. With the latest firmware update, the EOS-1D X will be able to handle AF point illumination during AI Servo AF and cross-type AF for maximum apertures which are as small as f/8. Not only that, to sweeten the deal, this new firmware update can be downloaded for free over […]