roach-camHave you watched one of the latest episodes in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon for the current season? That episode saw Donatello create a cockroach cam, who eventually fell into a vat of goo in the Kraang’s base, before mutating into a giant, nigh indestructible roach who has a deep seated hatred for Raphael. Well, I suppose that sounded fun in theory – the cockroach cam, but it seems as though it has been implemented in real life.


Animal Planet has a new website, APL.TV, which features live feeds of all different kinds of animals, ranging from kittens to ever cute puppies, ants, whales, penguins and even cockroaches. In fact, Animal Planet has plans to function as some sort of screen saver for your TV, having signed deals with Samsung, in addition to setting up future agreements with Roku and Xbox Live which will deliver such channels to your living room. However, a webcam that is fully dedicated to just cockroaches sure as heck grosses some folks out, me included, as I have been at loggerheads with these vile insects for the longest time.

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