fbhomeThe UI and home screens usually offered by manufacturers tend to be less than ideal, which might explain the popularity in alternative launchers and ROMs that completely replaces an Android phone’s UI. Thankfully Facebook’s own launcher, Facebook Home, was a surprisingly clean interface which saw deep integration with the social network’s website and its features. Considering that many people already use Facebook and its app, would they be just as quick to adopt the launcher?

Well according to the figures (via Benedict Evans), it seems that Facebook Home has managed to be downloaded over 500,000 times a little over a week since it was launched. However despite the high number of downloads, the app currently sits at the 2-star mark based on the 11,000+ ratings, with more than half of those ratings being 1-starred. Personally I have yet to try the launcher myself, but based on what I’ve seen it does look good, but then again its performance could be an entirely different story, but what do you guys think? Are you impressed by Facebook Home, or are you, like them majority of raters on Google Play, largely unimpressed by Facebook’s efforts?

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