Facebook Home Android Launcher’s Future Looks Bleak

Last year there were countless rumors about a “Facebook phone.” While the social network did not build a smartphone, it did make a launcher for Android devices. It was called Facebook Home. The launcher came pre-installed on HTC First, a “Facebook phone” of sorts that was a colossal flop. Even though Facebook Home hasn’t been yanked yet there haven’t been any major updates for the past few months. A new report suggests […]

Latest Facebook Android App Update Brings Cover Feed Sans Home

You might remember Facebook Home, the Android launcher that didn’t exactly take off. Home brought a feature called Cover Feed, which is basically a user’s News Feed displayed in a much more exuberant fashion. Facebook Home is only available for a select number of smartphones, so quite a lot of Android users are not able to download it on their devices, which means that not a lot of Android users are […]

Facebook Home Receives Folder Support

Facebook released an update to its Facebook Home that brings folder support.

Facebook Home Gets Folders In The App’s Latest Android Beta

The latest Facebook for Android beta brings folders to Facebook Home. It is unclear when this app will exit beta stage and will be made available to the public.


Survey Reveals Over 90% U.S. Smartphone Owners Not Interested In Facebook Home

A new survey which polled 1,000 adults reveals that over 90 percent of smartphone owners in the U.S. are not interested in Facebook Home.

AT&T HTC First Inventory Finally Cleared After Being Offered For Just $0.99

AT&T CEO has revealed that the carrier has finally sold all of its HTC First inventory, after offering it in a fire sale for just $0.99.

Major Manufacturers Reportedly Not Interested In Facebook Home Enabled Smartphones

Seeing how badly HTC First performed in the market, major Android smartphone manufacturers have now reportedly lost interest in making Facebook Home enabled smartphones.

Samsung ‘Facebook Phone’ Idea Reportedly Rejected

Facebook reportedly floated the idea of a Samsung Facebook Phone, but the Korean manufacturer is said to have rejected it as it does not see any symbolic or monetary significance in this project.

Future Facebook Android App Will Bring On Off Switch For Facebook Home

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said today in a meeting with investors that Facebook Home will be distributed via the official Facebook app for Android in the future.

Facebook Home Update Brings ‘Favorites Tray’ For Your Apps

Facebook Home has been updated. It now comes with a new favorites tray that displays a user’s most frequently used apps front and center in the apps list.

HTC First ‘Facebook Phone’ UK Launch Postponed Indefinitely

The HTC First launch in UK has been indefinitely postponed. Facebook says it recommended this as it works on bringing new customization features to Home.

Eminem Publisher Sues Facebook Over Home Advertisement

Eminem’s music publisher is suing Facebook and its ad agency for allegedly copying on of the artist’s songs.

Facebook Home Updated With HTC One And Samsung Galaxy S4 Support

When Facebook Home was first announced, the launcher was made available only to a select couple of handsets, older handsets in fact, like the Samsung Galaxy S3, the HTC One X, One X+ and so on. Well the good news is that if you’ve been eagerly waiting to get Facebook Home onto your brand new HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4, you’re in luck as the launcher has since been […]

New Facebook Home Features Detailed Ahead Of Update Release

Today at its Menlo Park Headquarters in California, Facebook detailed new features that the first update of Facebook Home is going to bring. Previously the social networking giant had confirmed that Facebook Home’s first update will be releasing in May. Three new features that have been detailed include Dock, Dash Bar and a new user experience. Later today at 3PM PST Facebook for Android update will be released on Google […]