You might remember Facebook Home, the Android launcher that didn’t exactly take off. Home brought a feature called Cover Feed, which is basically a user’s News Feed displayed in a much more exuberant fashion. Facebook Home is only available for a select number of smartphones, so quite a lot of Android users are not able to download it on their devices, which means that not a lot of Android users are taking advantage of this feature.

Users who update to the latest version of Facebook for Android will now be able to set Cover Feed as their Home screen. Cover Feed displays posts and photos from friends, users can pan around it to view the content. There’s a caveat though, not every Android device will be able to support Cover Feed. Only those devices that are capable of running Facebook Home support Cover Feed activation through the standalone Android app, these devices include Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, LG Nexus 4, HTC One, First, One X+ and the One X. So if you own any of these devices and like Cover Feed but want to get it without installing Facebook Home, here’s your cue.

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