commando-fccThe FCC is one important regulatory body that does its bit to make sure that the correct kinds of hardware will be tested before they can be released for mass usage, and hence, it is no surprise to see or read about upcoming hardware make their way over to the FCC first. Documents that have been spotted on the FCC recently shows an unannounced smartphone from Casio, where it will be known as the Casio C881 Gz’One Commando, which happens to resemble an update to the handset that was released last year – the C771.

The FCC documents do confirm that the Casio C881 Gz’One Commando will be able to support both CDMA bands and LTE bands that are used by Verizon Wireless, apart from delivering other connectivity options such as NFC, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. It does seem as though the Casio C881 Gz’One Commando is similar to the Type-V Casio which was revealed for Japan earlier in 2013, and you can tell that this is clearly a ruggedized smartphone which might love the great outdoors a whole lot more than your average, home-grown geek.

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