PlayJam announced earlier this year its Kickstarter backers should expect their units to start shipping out later this month, but it looks as though that was wishful thinking on their part as the company is delaying those initial shipments for two months.

According to PlayJam, the reason for this delay is due to the GameStick’s retail units would require stronger tooling, compared to the silicon-based moulds that were used for the dev consoles, which coincidentally did start shipping. Once the mechanical tooling is complete in the second week of June, the newly manufactured GameSticks will be assembled, tested and packed to be shipped out to Kickstarter backers.

On top of their manufacturing issues, PlayJam also noted due to the increase in the number of units, the company won’t be able to ship them out via air freight due to cost concerns. Instead, they’ll be using a sea-based shipping method, which will also add to the GameStick’s delay.

If you’re a GameStick Kickstarter backer, we guess the most important thing at this point is to be patient. PlayJam is doing its best to deal with these hiccups that keep popping up, so just sit back and wait for your GameStick to come in when they’re ready.

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