GameStick has been the Android-powered gaming device that seems to always get delayed for one reason or another. The last time we heard from PlayJam, they announced its GameStick would be delayed until October 29, which that date came and went without a release. Apparently, PlayJam has once again delayed the GameStick, this time expecting it to release on November 15, which we’re sure many gamers have that entire day reserved for another video game console.

According to those who received their units through their pledge on Kickstarter, the GameStick doesn’t appear to be quite ready for prime time. A number of users report their GameStick was completely unusable when they received their unit or would continuously freeze or reboot when in use. PlayJam has even taken to GameStick’s Kickstarter page to report some issues users are having, which include:

  • Inability / difficulty in connecting to Wifi / WiFi dropping / no internet
  • UI Sticks on ‘Searching For Updates’
  • Reports of GameStick running hot
  • Registered Users unable to complete online stick activation.
  • Box Seals Open

If you happen to have a Kickstarter GameStick and are having any of those issues, PlayJam has come up with some solutions to those problems. It’d be in your best interest to check out what they say so your GameStick could function properly.

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