google-person-finderThe senseless bombing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon is clearly another scar in the collective consciousness of Americans, and Google has readily stepped in to assist the situation by using Google Person Finder to assist anyone within the local vicinity, as it allows folks to have a tool that can look for other people, or to offer information concerning someone you have already seen (meaning they are still alive and accounted for).


It goes without saying that the explosions that happened in Boston certainly threw the city into chaos, and mobile phone networks were obviously overloaded, while nearby mass transit stations shut down due to security reasons. Hence, losing someone in all of that chaos is certainly far too easy a thing to happen, and this is where Google Person Finder will hope to provide a tool that might just give you some peace of mind, knowing that your relative or friend who is participating in the marathon is safe and sound. Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims of the blast, and may the swift arm of justice swoop down quickly on the perpetrators.

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