screenshots-exampleSo you are a true blue Android fan, but as we all know, since honesty is the best policy, there must have been moments in your life when you downloaded apps onto your Android-powered tablet only to realize that said app looked a whole lot better on the screen of a smartphone, for the simple fact that the app has yet to be optimized by the developer for tablet use. Well, such an outcry from numerous Android users have reached the ears of Mt. Mountain View, and the ‘gods’ that reside there have taken note of the plight of the masses, resulting in them updating their developer console so that it can accept app screenshots which are specific to 7-inch as well as 10-inch tablets.

Granted, this is not quite the kind of monumental change that one can expect, and it will still require developers to do their part and include app screenshots that have already been optimized for tablet use, so that it minimizes the chances of you ever downloading the wrong version of the app down the road. A good start, for sure!

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