Google has been trying hard to infiltrate the PC market but so far it has not achieved much success. It has gained much dominance in the smartphone and tablet arena thanks to its Android OS, but as far as its PC offerings are concerned, they’re not gaining enough traction. Latest rumors suggest that Google may have an Android based laptop in the works which be released later this year. Android is an established platform with millions of loyal users around the world, it will be interesting to see how that converts in to consumers for Google’s latest foray in the PC market.

Not much information is available about the Android powered laptop at this point in time. Rumor has it that the laptop will be revealed in the third or early fourth quarter of 2013. This particular machine is said to be the brain child of Sundar Pichai, who headed the Chrome division at Google for a long, long time. Sundar recently took over as Android Chief from long time Android boss, Andy Rubin who is now focusing his energy elsewhere at the company.

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