colorful-iphone-minisAccording to Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White, he thinks that there is a spanking new iPhone Mini in the pipeline by the folks over at Apple, and this iPhone Mini will be announced later this June which will be accompanied by the next generation iPhone, which has also been speculated to be the iPhone 5S by many.

Of course, some folks think that the so-called iPhone Mini will share a similar physical dimension as that of the iPhone 5, although it will be cheaper. The thing is, the design will be different, as the iPhone Mini is touted to feature a curved back casing that has been constructed with colored plastic, with a final price of $350 to $400 thereabouts, making it a whole lot more affordable compared to the iPhone 5′s $700 to $900 price tag. What do you think of speculation surrounding the iPhone Mini? Will it all come to pass, or is it just some sort of pipe dream? I suppose all one can do now is sit tight and wait, as all will be revealed in due time.

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