3D movies have become increasingly popular as moviegoers have been swarming to movie theaters to place plastic 3D glasses over their peepers to instantly feel like they’re right in the middle of a film. But providing only a 3D experience in films is so late 2000s as a cinema chain in Japan will soon be introducing a 4D movie theater experience.

Japanese cinema chain Korona World will be opening the country’s first full-body, immersive 4D movie theater on April 26. The theaters will be equipped with 4DX technology which adds motion, humidity, aromas, strobes, bubbles and additional effects while its customers are watching a film. Each seat will be able to move in sync with the action on the movie screen, even going as far as to provide jolts to the customer during intense action scenes.

As for senses portion of the 4D experience, a panel will be placed at the front of each seat which will have a fan for wind effects, a mister for water, lights and an aromatic system that can provide up to 1,000 different unique scents. The first film that will showcase what the 4DX theaters can do will be Iron Man 3, which judging by the trailers released so far, will most likely leave moviegoers feeling as beat-up as Tony Stark will be at certain portions of the film.

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