leap-motion-delayEarlier in the week, we read on how Leap Motion and Google have come together to deliver a far out Google Earth experience. The thing is, you will need a Leap Motion sensor to go through a pseudo-Superman like experience, but the sad part about all of this is, an unexpected delay has cropped up. It seems that the Leap Motion sensor which would pave the way for such interactivity has been delayed until July 22nd later this year.

Chief Executive Michael Buckwald mentioned, “As a company, in good conscience, we couldn’t sacrifice the testing process.We have to push back the date…. We really believe in meeting our own expectations and I think a little additional testing is necessary to get there.”

Personally, I agree with this, as it makes sense to take more time to ensure that the product that is pushed out would not be gimped in any way, or rather, is as perfect as humanly possible, instead of being rushed just to meet a rollout date. Patience might be wearing thin though, as the Leap Motion 3D gesture controller was meant to ship sometime earlier this year before its official release date was pushed to May 13th afterwards.

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