Smart Pause is one of the many features in Galaxy S4 that Samsung boasted about. Before the release of Samsung’s latest Android plagship smartphone, it was believed that Smart Pause would employ the use of eye-tracking to pause content when the user look away. The feature does that, but through facial recognition. LookAway Player for iPhone brings Smart Pause like functionality to the iPhone, which by default does not have any such feature.

LookAway Player is an app for watching videos on YouTube, though it comes with two features that make it a lot interesting. First there’s the LookAway feature, aptly named, it pauses any playing video whenever the viewer turns the head away from the iPhone. The feature uses facial recognition to determine when the viewer has looked away. Then there’s the Shh feature, which automatically mutes audio when the view makes a shush-ing sound. The app is available to download right now from iTunes App Store, it is available for free. Early customer reviews are full of praises for the app, do check it out and let us know what you think about it. Is Smart Pause like functionality really of any use or is it just a novelty?

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