NASA might have found 3 new planets in the habitable zone, but all of that would not amount to much until there really is solid, undeniable evidence of life out there. Well, here is something a little closer to home, with NASA sharing that they would want to project a webcast of the Lyrid meteor shower live. Of course, it has been calculated that the annual Lyrid meteor shower have peaked overnight on Sunday and Monday, but those who missed it will be able to check out live images of the Lyrid meteor shower tonight as well as early Tuesday (April 22nd and April 23rd if you happen to have misplaced your calendar) – being a boon to those living in areas affected by bad weather or light-polluted night skies.

The broadcast from NASA will kick off at 8:30 p.m. EDT (0030 April 23) and it will run throughout the entire evening. If you are interested, you can always catch the Lyrid meteor shower webcast here, thanks to NASA’s MSFC feed.

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