minuumEver since touchscreen displays have become the norm for smartphone and subsequently, tablet users, there are still some of us out there who are not too happy with a virtual keyboard. After all, there is nothing quite like the feel of having your fingers dance all over a physical keyboard, no? The transition to a virtual keyboard is even harder for folks so used to the QWERTY keyboard as well as BlackBerry devices, and weaning oneself off such mentality can be quite a difficult thing to do. Sure, there has been advances made to ensure that virtual keyboards are easier and smarter to use such as Swype, and here we are with another contender – the Minuum keyboard.

Basically, the Minuum is a new keyboard for the Android environment that will squeeze the whole QWERTY layout into a single line of letters, where this is an attempt to help solve the issue of limited viewing area on smartphone devices. Of course, I don’t think that this is an issue if you so happen to own one of the larger screen devices like phablets and the like, but not everyone would want to carry a serving tray in their pockets. Minuum intends to make use of advances in predictive text typing so that it will enhance your productivity. How will it perform? Only time will tell, so let us wait and see. The whole thing is, back in March, it was an Indiegogo effort that targeted $10,000 – and now, it has managed to raise $87,000, now how cool is that?

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