msi-aio-gamingIt was at CeBIT last month that we managed to get our hands on the MSI AG2712 all-in-one gaming PC, and boy was it quite the experience. Having said that, avid gamers who are on the lookout for an all-in-one gaming PC solution and have the budget to spare might want to consider the MSI AG2712. Just in case you cannot remember what the MSI AG2712 will come equipped with, it would be prudent to go through a little “refresher” course.

The MSI AG2712 will be powered by a quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, where it will be accompanied by NVIDIA’s high end GeForce GTX 670MX discrete graphics card that holds up to 3GB GDDR5 in graphics memory so that your gaming experience will be right up there with the very best, at least for a while. Windows 8 is the operating system of choice, and you get to enjoy up to 10 simultaneous touch points on the display, too. You can opt to use the MSI AG2712 as an independent monitor, and hook it up to other external devices such as gaming consoles for that added touch of flexibility.

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