Earth Day has officially started in the U.S. which means we’ll all have to use the bathroom less, turn off all of the lights or whatever else you do in order to celebrate today’s event, but New York City decided today would be the best day to unveil its new electric taxi pilot program.

Don’t expect all taxis in the New York City area to magically be replaced with electric vehicles, as only six Nissan LEAF cabs will hit the streets as a way to introduce the program to those looking to take a ride inside of a green vehicle. The Taxi and Limousine Commission believes electric cabs could recede gas emissions by nearly 90,000 tons annually while also reducing fuel and maintenance costs as electric cabs don’t have belts that would wear out with normal use as combustion engines.

Mayor Bloomberg says he’d like to see half of New York City’s 13,000 taxis go electric by 2020, and today’s step is certainly one in the right direction, although knowing how crazy New York taxis drive, we’re sure they’ll be off the road with a dent or two by the end of the week.

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