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New York's Mysterious Pulsing Blue Light Caused By Power Plant Fault
People in New York City were taken by surprise when a pulsing blue light appeared in the sky at night. It illuminated the city’s skyline and could be seen from miles away. Many took to social media to ask what had happened as the visuals were positively eerie. Turns out, the pulsing blue light was caused by an electrical fault at a power plant.

NFC Payments Won't Come To New York Public Transit Until 2021
There are plenty of cities across the globe where you can pay for public transport using NFC-enabled technologies, this allows for using any of the multiple mobile payment services for a bus or metro ride. One would expect to have the ability to do this in New York but that’s not the case, actually, that’s not going to be the case until 2021 because it’s going to take five years […]

New York's Entire Subway System Will Get Wi-Fi This Year
There are several subway stations in New York City that offer Wi-Fi connectivity but it can be a chore to remember which ones do and which ones don’t. By the end of this year, you wouldn’t need to remember them as State governor Andrew Cuomo has promised that the entire subway system of New York City will offer Wi-Fi connectivity in 2016.

Over 2,000 City-Owned Sedans Will Be Replaced With Electric Cars In New York
New York is taking a very big step towards the adoption of electric cars, it has been confirmed by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office that the city is going to replace more than 2,000 of its fossil-fuel powered government sedans with all-electric cars. This means that about a quarter of the city’s entire fleet will be moved to electric cars like the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt.


New York State Envisions 25Mbps Broadband For All Residents
The state of New York is working on a plan to make sure that all of its residents have access to high-speed broadband internet within a few years, the state envisions to provide 25Mbps connections to all residents at the very least by the year 2018. It’s going to pump in some $500 million into this program called “New NY Broadband Program,” helping the state bring high-speed internet to areas where […]

New York's Driver-Tracking Program Kicks Off
Driving habits of around 400 people are being tracked by New York City in a bid to better understand the driving habits of the Big Apple’s residents. During the test factors like their peak driving teams, speeds and even how much gas they use will be tracked. This program is called Drive Smart and for participating drivers get up to 30 percent discount on their Allstate auto insurance as well […]

New York City Students No Longer Banned From Using Cellphones At School
Former Mayor of New York City Michael R. Bloomberg put in place a ban about nine years ago that students could not use cellphones in public schools. The premise behind this ban was that cellphones are a source of distraction for students and that they can also be used for taking photographs that might potentially infringe on a student’s privacy. Current New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has said that […]

NYC Might Allow Parking Ticket Payments Through Apple Pay And Bitcoin
New York is one of the most popular cities of the world. Millions of people live there and millions more visit every year. Many drive cars and tend to get a ticket now and then, given that the city issues nearly ten million of them each year, its likely that many residents have got one during their time in the Big Apple. Soon it might get a lot easier to […]

Residents Of New York City Can Now Purchase .Nyc Domains
Folks who live in New York City often tend to have a special bond with The Big Apple. For them it is the greatest city in the world and I’m sure many non-NYC residents think along the same lines. Starting today residents have a new way of showing their love for the city online, by getting their hands on a .nyc domain.

Times Square New Year's Eve 2014 Ball Drop App Released
The new year is less than a week away and those who have made plans to ring in 2014 at special locations around the world are already gearing up for travel. Search the internet for popular spots and you’ll find dozens, but every list is bound to include Times Square in New York City. Over a million people from around the world gather at this famous location in midtown Manhattan where […]

New York City Children's Hospital Features Pirate-Themed CAT Scan Room
Back in June, we published a story highlighting the amazing steps the A.C. Camargo Cancer Center in Sao Paulo are taking in order to help children cope with their chemotherapy treatments. Now we’re hearing a story of a children’s hospital in NYC who has made the process of getting a CAT scan way less scary by having the process take place in a pirate-themed room.

Way2Ride Lets New York Cab Riders Pay Via Ultrasound
If you make your way around New York, you know how vital taxis can be when you need to get somewhere without having to suffer through taking subways, buses, or even walking to your destination. For years, New York City cabs have had the ability to pay by credit card when you’re strapped for cash, but if you’ve ever wanted to pya by using ultrasound, now you can thanks to […]

New York City Parks To Get More Wi-Fi Hotspots
New York City, otherwise affectionately known as The Big Apple, is a sprawling metropolis with a potpourri of people living within. In fact, Mayor Bloomberg’s government has more often than not tried to discover various methods to ensure that New York City remains as connected as it can possibly be to the Internet, so much so that their latest effort today will bring along with it additional connectivity options to […]

New York City Celebrates Earth Day With All-Electric Taxi Pilot
Earth Day has officially started in the U.S. which means we’ll all have to use the bathroom less, turn off all of the lights or whatever else you do in order to celebrate today’s event, but New York City decided today would be the best day to unveil its new electric taxi pilot program.Don’t expect all taxis in the New York City area to magically be replaced with electric vehicles, […]