We’d guess something like this, but more Nintendo-y


Both Microsoft and Sony have delivered rechargeable batteries for their respective controllers, making NIntendo one of the only companies who have yet to offer such a product to its customers who want to be rid of the hundreds of AA batteries stuck in their kitchen’s crap drawer. But it looks as though Nintendo may finally offer such an accessory due to a newly discovered survey.

The survey suggests Nintendo may be offering a rechargeable battery pack for its Wii Remotes as they ask survey takers if they would be interested in a battery pack and charger that would provide 13 hours of use after a 90 minute charge. The survey also asks if the survey taker would pay $40 for their rechargeable battery pack if it came with a new strap and replacement silicone cover.

The rechargeable battery pack and charger are said to be similar the one Microsoft offers for its Xbox 360 controllers. Since we know the Wii Remotes will be around for a couple of years more since they’re completely compatible with the Wii U, offering a rechargeable battery pack seems like a no-brainer at this point, especially when the Wii U GamePad is rechargeable.

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