We know how difficult it can be in order to find a woman who shares the same interests as you do, especially when it comes to your hardcore gaming habits that don’t involve dancing around in your underwear. That’s why you need to move to China where they offer a service to have women play games with you in a number of ways.

The gaming companion service in China comes in two different services. The first is a promotional service which has a game company offering the chance to play with a pretty lady. The second is a pay service where gamers can pay for a female to play online games with them. As you would expect, the service seems to be geared towards male gamers with its concept first coming about when a high-end World of Warcraft club offered online companion services.

This kind of service can certainly be profitable for the Chinese agencies that run them as there’s nothing more a gamer wants is a girl who plays video games as well. And if she’s actually good at them, then we’re sure that’s an added bonus.

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