vodafone-inbill-paymentConsidering that technology sometimes destroys nature in order for it to progress, it’s interesting to hear that sometimes nature can get the better of technology as is with the case of UK carrier Vodafone. The carrier has been forced to disable one of its cell towers in the city of Southampton after a peregrine falcon has decided to choose that particular area for its nest. With the bird enjoying protected status and cannot be disturbed, engineers were not able to do anything, leaving Vodafone to temporarily abandon that particular cell tower for now.

The carrier has deactivated the transmitted on the 9th of April and they are currently seeking advice on how to restore service in that area, which might include utilizing a replacement transmitter in the meantime. The transmitter has a radius of one mile and are affecting customers in the area. Wildlife experts believe that Vodafone might have to wait until June which is when they estimate the fledglings will leave the roost.

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