plairWe live in a day and age where there is just way too much video content available freely, that the onus is on you to spend your time wisely, otherwise you might get sucked into an apparent black hole for time simply by watching one video to another on YouTube, Vimeo, you name it. The existence of Smart TVs and set-top boxes too, have made streaming online video a whole lot easier, and here we are with the idea of PLAiR, which happens to be an elegant micro-computer which enables users to transmit HD online videos directly to any HDMI-equipped display or projector sans wires – and of course, without any frustration, too.

It is platform agnostic, which would certainly see it score plenty of brownie points among the masses, and the entire setup process does seem to be made for dummies. The moment the PLAiR is plugged into a TV or projector and powered up, it is a simple matter of connecting it to a Wi-Fi network, before installing a Chrome extension or the free Android (2.3 Gingerbread or higher) or iOS app (iOS 5 or higher). Henceforth, beaming online videos from a computer is a simple matter.

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