hydrogen-plantsSo, we did read about how Denmark intends to glean up to 50% of their national energy needs from wind turbines alone in a few years’ time. This is definitely a commendable effort, and are there any other kinds of green and eco-friendly ideas that the world could benefit from? Well, it seems that researchers have managed to generate hydrogen from any kind of plant, hence resulting in a safe, renewable energy solution. This particular solution was due to delving into a previous theory, where xylose, an abundant kind of sugar found in plants, is used to generate hydrogen. Since plants can be considered as a kind of renewable resource, you can more or less say that this is one method which is relatively safe for the environment.

After all, it barely produces greenhouse gas, and of course, it does not have to make use of any expensive metals. Prior to this discovery, producing hydrogen from a form of biomass was not impossible, but it sure as heck was extremely expensive with very little yield. Good to know that this is no longer the case, and we are keeping our fingers crossed that there will be more and more nations or companies taking up this method to create clean energy.

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