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Audi Shows Off A Hydrogen-Powered SUV Concept At Detroit Auto Show
It was reported late last month that at the Detroit Auto Show this year Audi might show up with a hydrogen-powered SUV concept, and that’s precisely what it has done. The company has unveiled its h-tron quattro SUV concept that’s powered by hydrogen coupled with a fuel cell powertrain. It’s a concept for now so there’s no saying if and when a model based on this concept is going to […]

Hydrogen Powered Cardboard Race Car
A hydrogen powered race car sounds as though it is extremely green, but did you know that things could be even more eco-friendly with this ride being made out of cardboard?

Plants Used To Generate Hydrogen For Safe And Clean Energy
So, we did read about how Denmark intends to glean up to 50% of their national energy needs from wind turbines alone in a few years’ time. This is definitely a commendable effort, and are there any other kinds of green and eco-friendly ideas that the world could benefit from? Well, it seems that researchers have managed to generate hydrogen from any kind of plant, hence resulting in a safe, […]

Alloy could create inexpensive hydrogen
A team of scientists in Kentucky has claimed that they’ve managed to “tweak” an inexpensive semiconductor to generate hydrogen from water using sunlight. Using an alloy that is formed by replacing 2% of the antimony in gallium nitride, it is said to have the right electrical properties that enables solar light energy to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen through a process known as photoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting. Since […]


Batmobile: now hydrogen-powered
Everybody’s going green these days, and it seems that even the caped crusader is too. DC Comics recently commissioned an ex Formula 1 car designer Gordon Murray to come up with a new Batmobile for the Batman Live stage show. The result? An environmental-friendly Batmobile that runs on Hydrogen (if you look past the afterburner that you don’t have to use all the time…)Gordon Murray decided to go for the […]

Microreactor turns fossil fuels into pure hydrogen
Earlier in the day, we talked about enlisting the help of bacteria to generate electricity – well, this time around, there might be an alternative method; that is, relying on a microreactor which is capable of transforming everyday fossil fuels including butane and propane into pure hydrogen that will see action in fuel cell batteries. The military will definitely be extremely interested in this since 80% of the weight of […]

Toyota and Shell open pipeline-fed hydrogen station in Torrance, California
While fuel cell cars aren’t exactly the most common vehicles around in the US, they do exist and drivers do need a place to refuel their vehicles. Latest to join the ranks of other refill stations out there is a new station from Shell and Toyota. But this station is not like any other hydrogen station – it is the first pipeline-fed hydrogen station in the country. And the station […]

MSI keeps things running cool with N580GTX HydroGen graphics card
It is pretty amazing that cooling technology has progressed to such an extent where you can cram in so many more processors while achieving a much better performance than previous generation chipsets, while running as cool as ever – or cooler. MSI’s latest N580GTX HydroGen graphics card carries on with this tradition, where it will come with MSI’s proprietary HydroGen all copper waterblock and NVIDIA Geforce GTX 580’s top of […]

Nanobeads to store Hydrogen for fueling cars
Hydrogen-powered vehicles haven’t exactly been successful due to the highly volatile nature of hydrogen – it is extremely difficult to store. At the moment, storing hydrogen requires high-pressure cylinders that are up to 700 times the atmospheric pressure, or super cooled to a liquid at -423 degrees F. A solution was previously presented to solve this problem – Hydrides, but it wasn’t very successful because it would take hours for […]

Horizon Hydrofill Hydrogen Refueling and Storage Solution
[CES 2010] We published about Horizon Hydrofill, when it was announced prior to CES on Jan. 4th, and we got a chance to see the device at the show. Hydrofill is a major fuel cell innovation, allowing everyone to have a personal hydrogen generator and portable hydrogen cartridges. The Hydrofill system basically extracts hydrogen from water using electrolysis, and store it in the Hydrostick solid hydrogen cartridges. 60 W DC […]

Hydrogen Bicycle
Iwatani of Tokyo has recently unveiled their latest Hydrogen Bicycle that is totally green since it doesn’t emit any CO2. Tipping the scales at 31kg, this 156cm bicycle is able to move within a 45 mile radius at best in terms of assisted travel. It will be powered by hydrogen cartridges that are available from Iwatani, although you will have a lithium-ion battery (26V-4Ah) on board to help you out […]