When Sony announced the PlayStation 4, many rightfully assumed that the console would be the successor to the PlayStation 3, much like how the PS3 was the successor to the PS2 and so on. However it seems that Sony’s Middle East general manager has a very different view of the console, claiming that the PS4 is not so much a successor to the PS3, but rather an “addition to the family”, likening the console to other devices in the PlayStation family, like the PS Vita, PSP and so on. He went on to state that while the PS4 will provide a completely new gaming experience, it is not a successor to the PS3. It is definitely an interesting take on the console, and it might also be the justification that some PS3 gamers need to convince themselves that buying the PS4 is not necessary. What do you guys think? Is the PS4 an obvious successor to the PS3, or do you agree with the GM’s comments and that it’s more like an “addition to the family”?

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