blue-blackberry-z10We’ve seen the limited edition Blackberry Z10 which comes in a rather striking red, and if black or white isn’t your color, there might be a possibility that the Z10 could also come in another limited edition finish, blue (pictured above). This Z10 in blue was tweeted by hip hop artist, Lil E and we have to say, it looks pretty darn convincing. We’re not sure if this is a special edition of the Z10 that was designed for Lil E, or if the artist just teased us with the possibility of a blue-colored limited edition Z10. Either way we have to say it looks pretty good, in fact it might even look better than the red Z10. What do you guys think? Any of you guys out there like to get your hands on a blue Blackberry Z10 device? We’ll definitely keep our eyes and ears peeled and hopefully more information about the availability of this device will be revealed in due time.

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