vita-210So, you feel that you cannot get enough of your PS Vita portable gaming console, and would wish that there were some ways that the software or firmware could be improved? Well, good news for folks who feel this way then, as the PS Vita system software update that will bump up the version number to version 2.10 has been announced and released, where it will include a slew of improvements that is touted to make your PS Vita experience a whole lot more enjoyable, including the inclusion of a new folder system which enables you to organize your games and apps.

The ability to create folders should have been there right from the beginning to some folks, where it allows them to manage one’s favorite application icons in a whole lot more convenient manner, where you can have up to 10 icons in individual folders, with a maximum of 100 on the home screen itself. For those who have already updated your respective PS Vita to version 2.10, how do you find it?

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