As gaming console become more advanced, we’re seeing the big three companies provide some sort of motion-based controller system with their consoles, which Nintendo started with its Wii. Both the Wii controller and PS Move provide some sort of feedback when held, but what if they could advance to a point where you’re given an amount of feedback that felt incredibly real?

Palmer Luckey created the Reactive Grip and showed it off at the Game Developers Conference 2013. The controller uses a combination of motion tracking, a modified Razer Hydra and a 3D-printed housing that contains sliders that can move up or down to provide real-time sensation to what’s happening on the screen.

The demo included above show the controller is able to provide feedback for multiple weapons like a gun, sword and a morning star, which the person demoing the Reactive Grip says is his favorite as it offers a lot of feedback in multiple directions. We’re not sure if it’ll be possible for something like the Reactive Grip to be included in future consoles, but it certainly could see some life on the PC where we’re sure it’ll be easier for developers to support it.

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