chinese-internet-users-in-internet-cafeBefore the internet, students and academics had to visit the library to research information. In order to keep up with the times, libraries have since introduced computers and made them internet ready, allowing those without internet at home to drop by and search for information. However it seems that according to several reports, rural libraries in China have slowly become home to internet gamers who have taken advantage of the library’s internet and computers to play video games. It seems that this is a problem that has extended to public computers in universities in China as well.

Considering that internet cafes is a pretty big thing in China, especially with reports of how some gamers have spent hours playing games non-stop, with some even “living” there, we can’t say we’re too surprised. Interestingly when reporters of Jinshi News paid a visit to the Nanchong Institute of Technology in Sichuan, they found that universities have even started to charge students about 0.12 cents an hour to use the computers and to play video games! Yikes!

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