Samsung has announced a more affordable version of its Galaxy Camera, a digital camera powered by Android 4.1 which offers higher the same communications and apps that modern Android smartphones enjoy, but with higher-end imaging capabilities. The first version of the Samsung Galaxy Camera could connect over 3G, a powerful but expensive option since you needed a monthly data plan. This second model only connects through WIFI and represents, in theory, substantial savings over the MSRP of the 3G version.

Besides the lack of 3G support, this WiFi version is pretty much the same, so if you are curious about what it can do, I’d suggest reading our complete Galaxy Camera review. Overall, this is mainly about the connectivity options that pretty much surpass any other camera or so called “connected cameras”. Although other brands introduced Android cameras, the Galaxy Camera represents the first such attempt that was really practical. competitors didn’t invest enough to reach a level of hardware quality that made their products work. The Polaroid Android camera was a good example of that.

The WiFi Galaxy Camera will be available “later in April” according to Samsung. Interestingly it’s MSRP of $499 is already higher than what the 3G version costs on Amazon (street price), so it will be interesting to see what its street price will be. What do you think? Is this something that you would be attracted to, or would you rather stick with what you have? Drop a comment below.

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