Sega reportedly only built two prototypes of a console named Pluto, one of those prototypes has popped up on the internet through someone who claims to be a former Sega employee. This particular console was never mass produced, though it is revealed that this console is a variation of Sega Saturn and has a NetLink modem built in. This Sega Pluto prototype is said to be region locked and has hardware that is around 14 years old but still remains in working condition.

This Sega employee meticulously describes all of the details. The console has two controller ports on the front, a flip-top drive bay on the top, a Power button, a cart slot and the iconic Reset button. There are vents on the left and right sides, back is standard Saturn with NetLink ports. Though the logo says Saturn, it is believed Pluto codename was just that. Sega was supposedly going to brand it with the Saturn name. The console is basically a standard USA NTSC Saturn (NTSC-4-v1.00a) which is region locked. What do you think of this unreleased Sega console?

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