Popular self-destructing messaging application Snapchat has been the ideal app for people who want to send a message to somebody, but doesn’t want it to spread to a larger audience. Because of that, it looks like Snapchat has reached quite the impressive milestone as its CEO Evan Spiegel revealed its users are sending over 150 million images every day.

One of the kinds of uses many people associate Snapchat with is “sexting,” which we’re sure we wouldn’t have the explain the process behind that. Spiegel was questioned about the app’s reputation for being an application associated with that activity, which he insists isn’t its primary use. “With 150 million images a day, it’s possible some of them are like that,” Spiegel said during his talk at Dive into Mobile conference. “11 p.m. is when traffic starts slowing down. Some people are surprised and say ‘I thought that’s when things would just be getting started!’ … I don’t think it’s a great tool for sexting. We notify you about screenshots. It’s not a great way to send inappropriate content.”

Even though Spiegel believes the majority of Snapchat users don’t use the service for that, it’s hard to tell based on their statistics if this is true or not. Just because traffic starts to slow down by 11 p.m. doesn’t necessarily mean the rest of its users aren’t up to no good. If anything, it tells us that a good majority of its users have work the next day and don’t want to stay up all night Snapchatting.

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