swypeIf you have been using Android-powered smartphones for the longest time until now, I am quite sure that during the first few days after moving on from a normal feature phone, it would take some getting used to a virtual keyboard on the touchscreen display. However, the advent of Swype, an intelligent virtual keyboard that works far faster than having to manually “punch” those keys yourself, where your thumb slides over the letters required to make up the word, and the most accurate suggestion will pop up.

Swype has remained in beta for what seemed to be the longest time, and it is nice to see the developers over at Nuance take the bold step of rolling out Swype 1.5 for Android, dropping the beta label along the way. Of course, chances are we will not be able to check out a huge difference compared to recently released betas, but we do know that the Swype 1.5 update would throw in a quick shortcut to Dragon Mobile Assistant for folks who have installed it already, where it will also expand Living Language to 20 dialects, in addition to a couple of new themes, refining both Smart Touch and Smart Reselect to boot. It currently costs $0.99 on Google Play for a “limited time” only, so you might want to be the proverbial early bird in this case.

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