tjacketT.Ware’s T.Jacket is definitely not an ordinary jacket, as you can check it out from the image above with various descriptions for different parts of it. In a nutshell, the T. Jacket is said to offer a therapy management wearable solution for autistic children. First developed early last year, the T.Ware is a remote controlled jacket that will apply pressure whenever it is triggered, simulating a hug. Specially meant for autistic children in an effort to reduce anxiety as well as nervous reactions, it remains to be seen whether it is going to sell by the truckloads or not.

After all, autistic children have a higher probability of reacting abruptly to new environments, different routines, loud noises and new faces, and this could disrupt learning and development. By applying deep pressure when necessary, an autistic child who is experiencing an anxiety attack will calm down. The parent or caregiver controlling the jacket through a smartphone or tablet app will be able to determine the strength of pressure and time it is applied.

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