Over the past couple of months, we’ve been hearing about an increased number of public DDoS  attacks where The Pirate BayReddit and even iMessage users became victims of these attacks. Considering these attacks against a number of popular websites and services have been popping up, we think its best to educate you to what exactly happens when a DDoS attack occurs, and lucky for us, VideoLAN recorded such an attack.

VideoLAN, who are known to be the creators of VLC, suffered a DDoS attack on April 23, which they took a record of to show exactly what happens when a DDoS attack is initiated. The colored balls are requests that are being sent to the server and the small paddle is a representation of the server trying to keep up with these requests, with balls don’t get hit resulting in a 404 error.

As you can see from the video, DDoS attacks are used to completely overwhelm a server with requests at a single location, resulting in other requests to be left unfulfilled. It’s a pretty interesting thing to see and will certainly help those who don’t consider themselves to know a lot about technology understand the results of a DDoS attack.

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