wiiu-vc-launchSo the Nintendo Wii U has not been doing too hot in terms of sales figures, which could perhaps be attributed to birth pains, but that has not stopped Nintendo from announcing a new spring update recently with additional improvements thrown into the mix. We do know that Nintendo owes the Wii U community their Virtual Console, and here we are with news that the official download of fan-favorite SNES RPG Earthbound will be made available later this year, in addition to a list of the other Virtual Console launch titles for the Wii U.

Among the coterie of titles that used to be hugely popular on NES and SNES platforms include F-Zero, Super Mario World, Balloon Fight, Donkey Kong Jr., Excitebike, Ice Climber, Kirby’s Adventure, and Punch-Out II. These SNES Virtual Console titles will be priced no more than $8, while NES VC games are slightly cheaper at $6, tops. Nintendo’s pretty good at finding new ways for you to buy the same stuff over and over again, no?

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