pad2miniAll right, so there has been speculation on a cheaper iPad mini rolling out later this holiday season, and here we are with whispers of a new and improved iPad mini 2 which could cost as little as $249 when released later down the road. Bear in mind that a cheaper iPad mini is not the same as the iPad mini 2, so make sure that you have got the differences down pat and you’re good to go.

At this point in time, the iPad mini retails for $329 a pop, making it the cheapest iPad from Apple to date, but if you were to compare it against the $199 and $249 Android-powered tablets, the iPad mini would then seem as though it has been priced at a premium, especially in the competitive 7” tablet market. Perhaps whispers of a new iPad mini 2 at approximately $249 might help change things for Apple in a long run, where the iPad mini 2 information was garnered from Citi Research who unfortunately do not seem to have such a solid backing for this particular rumor to turn out to be true.

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