If we look at reports from a variety of analysts that regularly speculate about Apple and its products, it seems as if Apple will release a handful of new products during the holiday season. Currently said to be up for release in this period are the low cost iPhone, the iPhone 5S, the Retina Display iPad mini 2 and the fifth generation iPad. Analyst Glen Yeung of Citigroup now believes that a cheap iPad mini, which is different from iPad mini 2, may also be released during the holiday quarter.

One thing is quite clear from the get go, new Apple products aren’t arriving before September, that bit Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed himself. I for one find it highly unlikely that all of these products will be rolled out in one single quarter. The reason Glen gives for a holiday season cheap iPad mini release is that Apple would want to maintain market share in a niche that is currently being dominated by low cost Android tablets developed by a plethora of manufacturers. Glen believes this tablet will be priced around $200 to $250 and will offer a similar screen resolution with a “cheaper mechanical design.” Analyst predictions aren’t exactly always spot on, so do weigh in on this, do you see all of these products being released in one single quarter?

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