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This Vending Machine Will Actually Be Able To Dispense Hot Fries
HEBBEN. Op de @WageningenUR staat de eerste volautomatische #frietpatat-machine. Heb je in 120 sec. je friet/patat. — NOS op 3 (@nosop3) September 2, 2015If you’ve ever been to Japan, you’ll probably encounter all kinds of vending machines all over the place. There will be machines that dispenses drinks, hot and cold, there will be machines that dispenses toys, there are some that can dispense food, and so on. However […]

Astronauts Will Soon Get To Eat Space-Grown Vegetables
Remember the other day we said that Japanese whiskey company Suntory wanted to send their alcohol into space in an attempt to age it? If you thought the idea of having space-aged whiskey was pretty neat, then this might be of interest to you too. It turns out that over on the ISS, they have been working on growing their own vegetables, and very soon astronauts will be able to […]

Online Wine Club Uses Algorithms To Match You With Wines
For those who are seriously trying to get into wines for the first time, it can be daunting. There are many things to take into consideration like who made it, where it was made, when it was made, and so on. Just because wine is separated into reds and whites doesn’t mean that that’s all there is to it either.Enter Bright Cellars. This is an online wine club which was […]

Japan’s Suntory Wants To Age Whisky In Space
Whisky is usually aged in barrels made out of oak. The belief is that the qualities of the wood will help give the whisky its distinct taste, although the length of aging will really depend on that particular line and the company, with cheaper brands and companies going for an artificial form of aging.Now if you’re a whisky connoisseur, chances are you might have heard of the Japanese company Suntory. […]


La Denise Helps Keep Fruits And Vegetables Fresh Without Electricity
Keeping fruits and vegetables in the fridge has become common practice, however some of you might have realized that a fridge that is too cold will end up causing your fruits and vegetables to lose some of its firmness, or in some cases even become frozen due to your fridge being too cold, but unfortunately leaving your food out on the countertop isn’t exactly a good alternative either.

Scientists Use X-Rays To Help Create Better Chocolate
Have you ever opened a piece of chocolate you haven’t eaten in a long time only to discover that its surface has this white dust-like appearance on it? This is a rather off-putting look especially when you compare it to a fresh bar of chocolate which still has the gleam and shine of a rich brown color.Now as many chocolate lovers have noted, these chocolates are still safe to eat, […]

Scientists Rice Cooking Method Might Drastically Reduce Calories
In a recent research, scientists have discovered a novel way to cook rice, which might drastically bring down the calorie content of the starchy grain.The research comes as a breakthrough in tackling the alarming growth rate of obesity around the world. The research was presented at the world’s largest scientific society, National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS). Here’s how it works… 

MIT Students Create 3D Printer That Can Print Ice Cream
We’ve seen 3D printers do all sorts of things, ranging from printing bones, to printing gadgets, and to some extent even food, but it looks like 3D printers will soon be able to start printing ice cream! Yes, you read that right, soon everyone’s favorite frozen confectionary will be 3D printed, although apart from the ability to customize it, we’re not sure if it will be an improvement.The idea to […]

Nestle Developing A Nespresso Of Nutrients
We’re sure you’ve seen some sci-fi movies where the food that is eaten resembles capsules. Essentially this dispenses the necessary nutrients in the person’s body in an instant, without having to go through the hassle of cooking and eating. Convenient, right? Well it seems like Nestle is hoping to come up with something similar in the future.The company, known for their Nespresso coffee capsules are hoping to create something similar, […]

Edible Mist Machine Lets You Taste Food In Mist Form
Is food really a part of our lives that we need to go hi-tech with? Well apparently it is, because food inventor, Charlie Harry Francis, has created a machine that can produce edible mist. The Edible Mist machines are part of a laboratory called Lick Me I’m Delicious, and the mist produced by these machines offer up more than 200 flavors.These flavors include the likes of mango, smoked bacon, apple […]

The Philips Noodle Maker Will Make Fresh Noodles Minus The Hassle
We’re sure if given the choice of picking between freshly made noodles or store-bought ones, most people would choose the freshly made ones. Not only is it because it is fresh, chances are it could prove to be healthier since you know what ingredients goes into making them. However making noodles yourself can be a tiring task.You would need to knead the dough, roll it out, knead it again, roll […]

eCool Beer Cooler Keeps Your Drinks Cool Underground
If you’re looking for a way to keep your beer cool, especially since no one likes tepid beer, then perhaps the eCool beer cooler could be worth your consideration. We should point out that as you can see in the picture above, the eCool beer cooler is not your typically cooler. It does not use any electricity, but rather relies on a very old concept, which is keeping your beer […]

UK Company Uses 3D Printer To Print "Fruits"
In the past we have seen how 3D printers can be used to print certain types of food, such as chocolates and candies, but now according to a company based in the UK, Dovetailed, they claim to have used a 3D printer to create fruit. Now that seems a little odd and almost impossible, given that fruits are grown, unlike chocolates which is a combination of other types of ingredients.However […]

First Cupcake ATM Opens Up In New York City
Have you ever had a hankering in the afternoon or the middle of the night for something sweet, like cupcakes? Well if you do, you might be pleased to learn that there is an actual Cupcake ATM located in New York City which is open 24 hours a day! Yup, you read that right, a Cupcake ATM!Its bright pink exterior and the words “Cupcake ATM” should probably be enough clue […]

Temperfect Mug Will Keep Your Coffee/Tea At The Perfect Temperature
When it comes to the perfect cup of coffee, the temperature cannot be too hot otherwise it would be impossible to drink, and neither can it be too cold because then it’s kind of gross, but unfortunately coffee will get cold, and at times you will get a barista who unfortunately does not know what they are doing when they overheat the milk. Well if you think you know how […]

Applebee's Installing Nearly 100,000 Tablets On Its Tables In 2014
Those who are looking to eat good in their very own neighborhood may have stumbled onto Applebee’s, which is a restaurant that promises those two very things most people look for in restaurants. Ordering your food at Applebee’s may get a little easier as the restaurant chain has announced they will install nearly 100,000 tablets at select restaurants across the U.S. at over 1,800 locations in 2014 that will assist […]

Confectionery Company Will Print Your Instagram Photos As Marshmallows
If you have been using smartphones and have internet, chances are you might have heard of Instagram, a popular photo sharing service/community where people from around the world gather to share photos of their food (amongst other things). While for the most part Instagram filters help to cover up bad photography and bad lighting/exposure, there are some pretty amazing photos out there and we have seen instances where one can […]

Taste Virtual Food With Your Tongue With This Simulator
When shoppers be shopping, they tend to try on different outfits, poke various mobile devices and smell various vomit-inducing colognes and perfumes. Online shopping is becoming more and more popular though the more online retailers allow you to get a sample of their wares, such as digital books, music and even some applications. You can soon online grocery stores to the list of places where you can sample their goods.

ASAP Science Presents A Whole New Way Of Understanding Calories
ASAP Science has made a video in which they present a whole new way of understanding calories, you'll also be very surprised to see how 200 calories look like in different kinds of foods.

iTray Drone Food Servers Being Introduced In London Restaurant
A restaurant chain in London is expected to start using drones as food servers.