nooksimpletouchThe NOOK Simple Touch from Barnes & Noble so happens to be a highly affordable electronic book reader that sports an E Ink display, and you know right from the get go (without any pretense) that it is designed for reading e-books and just about that. Well, the NOOK Simple Touch does come with Wi-Fi connectivity, which means all that you are able to do at the moment is to browse the Barnes & Noble book store and download content. Things might change sometime down the road, where it a leaked memo that was obtained by the folks over at TechCrunch could point towards the NOOK Simple Touch’s future ability to surf the Internet as well as help you remain on top of all the incoming emails.

I guess you could say that this potential feature might come about eventually courtesy of the kind of response that Barnes & Noble received after they introduced software updates for the NOOK HD and NOOK HD+, where we saw the introduction of Google Play Store support. Looks like folks always want to have the advantage of having additional functionality. How will this update affect whispers of Microsoft purchasing Nook Media for $1 billion eventually? We’re not too sure ourselves – what’s your take on it?

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